Websites that look great ... perform great!!

Your website is often the first impression visitors get of your blog or business. Make that impression a good one … this is VITAL.

Your Website is the Front Door to your Blog or Business

People want quick answers to their questions and quick solutions to their problems. Make it easy for them. A quality website will deliver the information they are searching for easily and without having to click around endlessly.

It’s job is to motivate your visitors to read your posts or do business with you. Thus, your website must be well-organized, clean, clear and concise, easy to navigate, visually appealing, well-branded, and fully functional.

Information ... such as contact information, location, and opening hours if relevant ... must be easy to find. If you are active on social media, links your profiles are an excellent idea.

Your website must be well-polished … this means that fonts and colours should be matched properly across your entire site and there should be no spelling, grammar or syntax errors. Nothing kills the first impression you give a visitor quicker than botched proof-reading and editing. Bad spelling suggests a lack of competence in other areas.

Your site must look equally good on smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs, and in different browsers. Thus, your site must be responsive. This means your web pages can detect a visitor's screen size and orientation and change the layout accordingly.

A persuasive call-to-action is vital. What do you want visitors to do next? Contact you, sign up for a newsletter, register to be first to hear about your latest offers, or what?

First Questions

  • Do you want a blog for posting content, an information site for your business, or an e-commerce site for selling things online?
  • Have your registered a domain name?
  • Have you got hosting?
  • How many webpages?
  • Have you written any content or made notes?
  • Do you have images?

Quick Answers

    Reasonable Prices

    We charge between €25-35/- per hour for uncomplicated websites for blogs and small businesses.

    Provided you know what you want, we can offer a fixed price of €250 for the first page, €200 a page each for three more pages, and €1,000 all-in for a five-page site. This is the best value available anywhere.

    For more complicated e-commerce sites we can quote you when we know what you want. Just enquire using the form above.

    We also offer domain registration and hosting services.

    What you get for your money

    By having your website created by us, you will enjoy a host of benefits:

    • More than 10 years experience in website design and creation for ourselves and others
    • The stability of WordPress as a website platform
    • The creativity that is possible using Beaver Builder to create stunning websites that attract.
    • Access to a fabulous collection of stock photographs and illustrations.
    • The creative writing skills of Writing Services EU
    • Exceptional customer service and care
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