Fees and Charges

Our fees are charged on a time and effort basis.

All fees shown are ex-VAT, ie before value added tax is charged.

All prices are in Euro and are subject to negotiation.


  • Proof-reading ..... €30/- per hour ..... €150/- per day
  • Editing ..... €50/- per hour ..... €250/- per day
  • Copywriting ..... €80/- per hour ..... €400/- per day
  • Research ..... €80/- per hour ..... €400/- per day
  • Report writing ..... €80/- per hour ..... €400/- per day
  • Consulting ..... €150/- per hour ..... €750/- per day

Note: proof-reading and editing assignments that are conducted exclusively by email are billed at a 12.5% discount, ie at €26.25 and €43.75 per hour respectively.


While it is not possible to estimate accurately in advance the number of hours a particular job will take, the following guidelines as to how much time different jobs could take may prove useful:


  • complex material ..... about 750 words or 3 pages per hour
  • simple material ..... about 1,500 words or 6 pages per hour


  • complex material ..... about 2.000 words or 8 pages per hour
  • simple material ..... about 4,000 words or 16 pages per hour


  • Initial meetings and meetings to obtain a brief are not charged.
  • Subsequent meetings are charged at the rate for the type of work being done.

Travel expenses

  • Travel expenses to meetings within Dublin City are not charged.
  • Outside of Dublin, mileage is charged at €1.26 per mile (ex-VAT).
  • Other expenses, such as accommodation, transport, food, parking, photocopying, courier, photography, and printing, and out-of-office communication costs are recharged at actual cost.

Communication costs

  • Telephone calls and emails from the office are not charged out.
  • We do not have a fax machine.


  • VAT at the appropriate rate, currently 23%, is charged on all billings to clients in the Republic of Ireland.
  • VAT is not charged on billings to clients outside the Republic of Ireland, except  where VAT is required to be charged to clients within the European Union.
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