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Newsletters are an effective means of communicating and keeping stakeholders up to date.

Corporate newsletters can be produced as simple booklets or as high-quality full-colour magazines.

They are used to communicate the latest corporate news to staff, customers, prospects, creditors, shareholders and other stakeholders but, whatever the audience, they must be highly informative, reflect well on the company, and be a pleasure to read.

Creating a newsletter involves gathering material for articles from senior managers, writing and gaining approval for articles and other matter, and then laying out the magazine and supervising printing or internet publication.

At Business Writing Services EU we have more than ten years experience as the editor of Transmission, the quarterly corporate newsletter of Kharafi National, the premier construction services provider in the Arabian Gulf.

Paul Kennedy, the firm's principal, was the founding editor of Kuwait this month, one of the most successful consumer magazines in Kuwait. He has also written several books, such as the Kuwait Pocket Guide, Doing Business with Kuwait and the Kuwait Business Guide.

Pricing: Fees charged for creating or contributing to a corporate newsletter depend on the estimated time involved and may be negotiated after a comprehensive brief is received.

Looking for an editor? Just email, call or text: /// tel: +353-(0)87-4163688

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