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Annual reports present an opportunity to communicate with shareholders and other stake-holders on a wide range of related issues. In addition, interesting annual reports can be extremely effective for promoting any company.

Annual reports must, of course, comply with regulatory requirements.

However, the appeal of the annual reports sent to shareholders and other stake-holders can be enlivened by the inclusion of articles on the industry in which the company operates, economic reviews, and other relevant material, with the whole combined in a magazine type format.

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Depending on the brief we receive, we will:

  • Write the necessary content for the annual report, either from information supplied by the client or gathered from research. We will ensure that this content includes significant accomplishments and strategies for future success. We will also ensure that the executive summary highlights trends and critical messages and contains a positive corporate profile.
  • Ensure that the messages from senior management reflect the personality and well-being of the company, highlight why it is successful and the reasons for its growth (where relevant), and provides insights into the future, with references to the impact of social, economic and/or political trends.
  • Ensure that the cover, layout, and body copy (including photos) reflect the company's image, support a unified marketing message, and complement other publications the company issues. We will also make sure that the company's names, products and services are presented in a consistent style and that they match your company's style guide (where relevant).
  • We will also make sure that:

- headings and captions are used to communicate key messages;

- wordings are simple and clear and that technical words have been double-checked for spelling and are understandable by lay readers;

- long paragraphs are divided into shorter paragraphs;

- long sections are broken up with photos, subheads, bold fonts, pull-quotes and so on; and

- numbered or bulleted lists are used to increase readability.

  • We will double-check the accuracy of all text and graphical content (such dates, numbers, quotations, and the spelling of names) has against a reliable primary source.
  • We will spell-check and proof-read the annual report to ensure that punctuation, grammar, and sentence structure are correct and that there are no typographical errors.

At Business Writing Services EU we have the expertise to research and write annual reports that reflect client identity and enhance corporate image. In addition, we are very conscious of the need to respect deadlines.

To find out more: /// tel: +353-(0)87-4163688

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