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A well-designed and skillfully-produced corporate video makes compelling viewing.

High-quality corporate videos are being increasingly used by companies and other organisations in business meetings, sales and marketing presentations, employee training, teleconferencing, and at conventions.They may also be posted online

Writing the script for a corporate video involves gaining an understanding of the company, its markets, products, services and delivery systems, as well as the intended audience and the message to be delivered.

The writer also needs to know the approach the producer will be taking to the visual elements of the movie. Script creation requires cooperation between the video producer and the writer to ensure that the voice-over reflect the image the company wishes to project and that the audience perceives the messages in the video as intended.

Business Writing Services EU has written video scripts for major corporations such as Kharafi National, Kuwait Shipbuilding & Repairyard, and Global Logistics & Warehousing. /// tel: +353-(0)87-4163688

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