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At Business Writing Services EU we can help you devise a writing style that will unify your corporate communications and develop the unique ‘voice’ that is essential for brand awareness and recognition.

Writing style refers to the types of words and expressions – as well as to the spelling, grammar and punctuation – a person uses when writing letters and memos. Each of us has a personal style of writing.

To distinguish itself from its competitors a company needs its own writing style – a style that is recognizable.

The problem is that corporate communications are written by many people, each with their own personal style. This is where Business Writing Services EU can help – by creating a corporate style guide to unify and enhance written communications in a way that reflects corporate identity and image.

A unified writing style will ensure that all your corporate communications are stamped with your company’s personality.

A style guide is especially needed where documents, such as newsletters, technical manuals and corporate brochures, contain contributions from several people.

A writing style created by Business Writing Services EU will provide your corporate communications with a distinct vocabulary and cadence that is appropriate to your business.

Obviously a writing style that is suitable for a financial services company or bank must differ greatly from the style we would create for a fashion house.

We will use our expertise to devise unique style guidelines that will provide you with the overall tone and word-quality you need to communicate successfully with your target audiences. /// tel: +353-(0)87-4163688

Creating a corporate writing-style guide at Business Writing Services EU normally begins with an examination of the client company, its mission, marketing efforts, communication channels and target audiences. We would also peruse your current marketing communications and corporate literature.

Once we understand your company, its communication objectives and its typical audience we will be in a position to draft a corporate style manual and agree its content with senior management.

The guidelines will cover word, phrase and sentence usage, and approaches to be taken in structuring particular types of communications, as well as common errors in grammar and syntax. We can also include samples of good and not-so-good writings should these be required.

We will amend the draft as necessary and produce a final corporate style guide for your in-house use. The final guide will be delivered in electronic format so that it may be printed and distributed as required without restriction.

A style manual from Business Writing Services EU will provide you with guidelines that ensure clarity and harmony in all corporate communications and reinforce corporate personality.

These guidelines will be applicable to communications through:

  • All forms of print media, including newsletters, brochures and marketing letters;
  • Radio and other audio-media; and
  • Video and TV marketing scripts.

For further information on style consulting at Business Writing Services EU: /// tel: +353-(0)87-4163688

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