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The effectiveness of good writing can only be measured by the reader's reaction.

Most business people know what they want to say but the written word may elude them.

At Business Writing Services EU we have the copywriting expertise to express exactly what you would like to say to your chosen audience with absolute clarity, impact and a high degree of persuasiveness.

Copywriting means creating the flow of words that promote a person, business, opinion, or idea. Effective copywriting persuades the reader or listener to act — to buy a product or service or to subscribe to a viewpoint.

Copywriters create headlines, body text, slogans, direct mail copy, taglines, press releases, lyrics for jingles, scripts for radio or TV commercials, and a host of other written material that is part of a company’s messaging system.

At Business Writing Services EU we have three decades of experience in creating original persuasive copy for websites, corporate profiles, marketing brochures, sales collateral, press releases, and advertising campaigns, in a wide range of business sectors.

We craft the words that will deliver the message you want to communicate – in clear language that will have the maximum impact on your readers.

We will gather the information we need through an informal briefing interview or by asking you to provide a bulleted list of the main points you want to cover. We can also research material if you wish.

Where the job is complex, we may obtain information by conducting interviews with the executives involved in the brief or by providing questionnaires for completion.

At Business Writing Services EU we can conduct business via the internet or through face-to-face discussions.

Either way, the result will be corporate communications that change minds and dramatically boost the impact of your  messages.

To find out more about our copywriting services: /// tel: +353-(0)87-4163688

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