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Business Writing Services EU delivers highly-effective solutions for corporate writing challenges ...

... by addressing the communication concerns of commercial entities, from small entrepreneurs to large international corporations, with a professional writing, editing and consulting service that is based on decades of experience in creating highly-effective business communications for local and international clients.

Our corporate writing services cover:

  • research
  • writing
  • editing
  • proof-reading
  • formatting, and
  • style consulting.

We create website content, corporate literature, sales collateral, corporate newsletters and magazines, reports, technical manuals, corporate histories, and advertising copy - virtually every kind of corporate document.

We can manage the entire production cycle for corporate newsletters and commercial magazines. We also offer advice on in-house writing styles and can devise an appropriate style book for any organization.

We can also format long business documents so that they have a consistent layout for professional presentation. We will create the table of contents and deliver the final formatted document as an MS Word, Adobe InDesign or PDF file ready for printing.

In sum, at Business Writing Services EU we can make a contribution in most areas of your corporate communications.

Find out more: / tel: +353-(0)87-4163688

Our experience in many industrial sectors has given us a deep appreciation of what you really need. Clients of Business Writing Services EU benefit from:

  • our relaxed yet professional attitude
  • our knowledge of words and their power
  • fast turnaround times
  • our ability to meet time and budget constraints
  • our flexibility which enables us to write in any in-house style
  • writing that projects an image of competence and trustworthiness; and
  • copy that has clarity, impact and persuasiveness

Business Writing Services EU is a professional corporate writing firm. We are based in Wexford, Ireland, and have clients locally and throughout the European Union, the Middle East and the USA. We operate mainly through the internet but we are prepared to visit our clients to take briefs and make presentations; we do so as a matter of course in the Southern Ireland.

Content makes the king. People judge a company by what they read in its literature – websites, brochures, newsletters and so on. To project an image of competence and trustworthiness, it is essential that your corporate writing attain the highest levels of quality.

What we do: With the right words you can inform, educate, motivate, persuade, market or sell. Creating the right words to connect you with a particular audience for a particular message is our job. We will write the copy that will get your message across clearly in such a way that readers will continue to read until they are convinced and take whatever action you desire them to take.

Editing by design: At Business Writing Services EU we understand the connection between copy and design.

Confidentiality is guaranteed at Business Writing Services EU. Our attitude is thoroughly professional. We treat clients with the utmost respect. Our relationships with them and the information we gain about their businesses during the course of our work are kept strictly confidential and we never reveal anything about our clients to third parties. In particular, we do not use work we have done for other companies as samples to be shown to prospective clients.

That's Business Writing Services EU - clarity, impact and persuasiveness in business communications.

Contact us at: / tel: +353-(0)87-4163688

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