Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions at Business Writing Services EU are designed to ensure fairness for both the client and the writers.


The client will provide Business Writing Services EU with a clear written brief before work begins.

Alternatively, we may provide a written brief which the client will approve before work begins.

Drafts and approvals

In order to achieve a standard of excellence in all the work it undertakes, Business Writing Services EU requires an initial input and on-going feedback from the client.

Draft text for comment will be sent to the client, preferably by email attachment, and the client is expected to reply expeditiously with his comments and required corrections or amendments.

Final drafts sent for approval will be reviewed and approved by the client without delay.

Normally only one or two drafts will be sent to the client for comment, amendment and approval.

Business Writing Services EU reserves the right to charge for the extra time and effort expended in creating additional drafts beyond three drafts of the same work.

In the very unlikely event that we fail to produce work that is acceptable to the client, a termination fee of fifty percent (50%) of the outstanding balance will be payable and the draft text will remain the exclusive copyright and intellectual property of Business Writing Services EU unless and until agreed otherwise in writing.

Fees and estimates

The fees charged by Business Writing Services EU are reasonable.

When requested, we will provide an estimate of the total fee for a particular job based on the agreed brief. The estimate will be arrived at by estimating the probable total number of hours and the type of work involved.

If a job takes less than the estimated time, we will only charge for the number of hours worked at the appropriate rate.

Should we find that a particular job is likely to exceed the estimated hours or that additional work or a different type of work (eg, research) needs to be done in order to execute the original brief, Business Writing Services EU will contact the client with an estimation of what the extra hours and costs will be before undertaking the additional work.

Payment of Fees

Fifty percent (50%) of the estimated fee must be paid in advance, unless a different amount is agreed in writing, before work can begin.

The balance is payable on completion and approval of the work. There is no credit period beyond that point.

Final payments are subject to the Late Payments in Commercial Transactions Regulations 2000.


All text created or produced by us is the exclusive copyright and intellectual property of Business Writing Services EU until such time as the fee for the work done by has been paid in full.

Thereafter the copyright will vest wholly and absolutely in the client unless agreed otherwise in writing or by contract.

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