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Preserving memories is the essence of history.

When people die, their stories die with them – their own stories and the stories they tell about your family and ancestors – unless they have been recorded.

Why not have these stories written down by an expert ghost-writer and printed privately for distribution among relatives and close friends?

At Business Writing Services EU we can research and write your memoir or biography. We can also handle the printing.

As professional ghost-writers we will first talk to the person who will tell the stories or whose life story is going to be written. We will also peruse letters and other documents.

Then we prepare a brief questionnaire, the answers to which will help focus the interview process. A series of interviews follows and when these have been completed the writing begins.

Before printing, draft text will be provided for approval.

Photographs and illustrations may naturally be incorporated in the finished work as required.

Business Writing Services EU offers there levels of memoir writing:

Level-1 is a ‘full’ memoir of at least 30,000 words covering a person’s entire life or a book-full of family stories.

Level-2 is a ‘half’ memoir of 15,000 words or so that concentrates on a particular area in some-one’s life, such as their childhood or travels, or a particular period in the story of a family.

Level-3 is a short this-is-your-life type of memoir consisting of a collection of interviews with family, friends and colleagues to mark retirement or some other significant anniversary.

To find out more: /// tel: +353-(0)87-4163688


The cost will be a fixed price based on an estimate of the work involved which will be negotiated when the client’s requirements are understood.

As a guide, however, the following price ranges may be expected:

Level-1 memoir – €6,500 to 8,000;

Level-2 memoir – €4,000 to 5,000; and

Level-3 memoir – €3,000 to 4,000.

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