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Knowing your history is the basis of a strategy for the future.

Once a successful company has reached a mature stage in its development – perhaps when it is approaching the 25th, 50th or 100th anniversary of its founding – it is time to consider writing its history ... ie, a formal record of how and why an enterprise began and was developed.

The benefits of producing a corporate history are many:

  • A finely printed and boxed corporate history makes a superb corporate gift.
  • A book that highlights the challenges overcome and the successes achieved is an excellent public relations tool.
  • If distributed at the retail level, it can generate a nationally recognised corporate image.
  • Internally, a corporate history can reinforce an understanding of the company’s culture and provide a guide to its future development.

Researching and writing a corporate history is a long-term assignment.

The work includes a detailed perusal of corporate records and in-depth interviews with key persons of knowledge before the actual writing can begin. Draft text will also have to be approved at senior level before it is finalized.

At Business Writing Services EU we are highly experienced in researching, writing and editing all kinds of books and magazines.


Fees for researching and writing a corporate history depend on the estimated time involved and would be negotiated after a comprehensive brief is received.

To find out more about creating a corporate history: /// tel: +353-(0)87-4163688

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